The SilverNetiX Team

Landscape artist - Architectural engineer - Software developer

Who we are.

We are a bunch of friends running a Rising World server together.

Note: This page is not completed yet
heck this entire website is still a work in progress.

Trouble a.k.a The Glitch

Most of us know her as The landscaper of the world due to the landscaping magic she possesses.
About 90% of Evergreens roads, lakes and ponds are all done by Trouble.

If theres a beautiful park near you, a gorgeous pond or an amazing realistic lake, you can bet on it that Trouble has done that! Even the streets, tunnels and rivers are mostly Troubles detailed works of digital art.
Want one custom made on your property? No problem, she's on it!

As one of the founders of Serenity server she's an admin dedicated to make sure our community stays alive, motivated and fun for everyone.

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Bhalgrum a.k.a Grum

The most polite admin you'll ever meet! No kidding, this man is super friendly and very helpful.

He is also known for his impressive creation 'Grum Ridge' which has inspired many visitors already.
The attention to details and out-of-the-box mixture of content truely brings the village alive in its own mysterious ways.
Our very own architectural engineer has got an eye for craftsmanship thats for sure!

Also as one of Serenity Server founders Admin Bhalgrum dedicates his time making sure everyone is having fun and helps with difficulties anyone might have.

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SilverSatin a.k.a Satin / Silver

Most of the time much more busy in the background of things but dares to be chatty sometimes. Chatty while digging out metro tunnels, building stations or interactive machines that connect with Bristal.

I keep myself occupied with the programming of Bristal and working with Trouble and Bhalgrum about the wants & needs of the server while keeping website, Bristal, admin software and game server working.

As one of the founders as well, I too am dedicated to keep the community an awesome and unique place you can come back to everytime!

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