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Guide 3 - Credits.

A standard currency

Trading resources between players the old classic ways are all fine and effective but for those who are looking for much more flexibility when bartering need a currency to enhance a better trading experience on Serenity.

Silvernetix Bristal offers you that level of flexibility!

What can you do with credits?

Our in-game currency is called Credits but you will often see it written as 'Cr' in the game or on the website.
Each and every player starts out with 200 Cr when first arriving on Serenity.
This is given to you to begin with and freely usable however you like.

After you claim a land you will be registered and gain an additional 1800 Cr as a welcome gift.

You can transfer your credits between yourself and another player
allowing you to spend or earn them freely.

On top of the ability to buy & sell between players, you will also be using credits to have access to a wide range of Bristal Services you might be interested in during game play.

Credits in a vault!

Credits are your in-game sums of money stored on a virtual wallet that you carry with you anywhere you go within the game.
Your virtual wallet is not connected to the physical world of Serenity, this means that even if a game glitch happens to all inventories or a required server wipe happens, you will still have the credits you've got on your wallet.
Practically your virtual wallet is a vault, Sell your stuff in exchange for credits and you'll be sure that all your hard earned mining is safe.

The commands to your credits

To access your virtual wallet type /my credits or /003 (zero zero three)
That way you can see how many credits & assets you have anytime you want.

You are of course also able to pay/transfer credits to another player by typing
/p2p *amount of credits* *playername* or /p2p *amount of credits* *player id* (you can see player id when you hold the TAB key outside of the chatbox)
for example you want to pay 200 credits to a player named grum, you type the following:
/p2p 200 grum

Thats fast & easy!