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Guide 2 - The Menu.

The great list of 'things'

Whenever you just cant seem to remember what the command was for something, you can look it up on the Bristal menu.
It is virtually available anywhere you are in the world after you've accepted server rules.

Everything is in there!

The menu is a very practical and helpful tool listing all the available Bristal commands on multiple pages.
To display the menu starting from the first page you type /menu or /000 (zero zero zero)

At the bottom of the list you will see what command you need to enter to reach to the next pages (/menu2, /menu3 etc...)

Everything is on the list.
-Commands in words
-Commands in numbers
-Description of what the commands does
-Price of the service

Questions about how much a service cost are easily answered by
simply looking at it in the menu.
Some services have a variable price depending on what location you currently are or some special circomstances

Companion on your phone!

Use your smartphone to display the Bristal menu
navigate to while gaming