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Guide 1 - Teleporting.

Teleporting home

On Serenity, there are a number of ways to get from one place to another. The most frequently used destination when teleporting is to get back home.

However when you want to teleport anywhere there are a few things you should always remember.

Rising World is an alpha game with bugs. That means things like falling through the ground or spawning high in the sky are unpredictable possibilities each time you teleport.
Bristal always teleports you to permanent coordinates, but the game itself decides if it will comply or not.
Due to the fact that the game has its flaws it is still your responsibility to hit F2 multiple times & be in creative mode just incase something goes wrong when teleporting.

E.T. inspired: PHONE HOME

PHONE HOME: the ability to teleport back to your land,your property, your home sweet home at anytime from anywhere is a powerful gift. This is by far Bristals most popular service available with an impressive well over 20K uses already!
The cherry ontop of it all is that its completely free for an unlimited amount of uses.

All you need is a claimed land of your own, usually an admin sets up your phone home right at the moment of claiming your land.
Your phone home is permanently tied to your claim and can only be changed under limited circumstances like:
- Account deletion
- Game glitch
- or another admin specified reason.

This pretty much means you CAN NOT move your phone home at request.

To teleport home you simply enter into the chat: /phone home or /001 (zero zero one).

The Phone home service is your identity without the Serentity Server. It is permanent and will always be a free service to all players on the Serenity Server!

Teleporting using the metro

To get to different locations within the Evergreen regions you are able to use the metro.

Just like in the real world you can travel long/short distances using these public stations to get around fast and easy. On Serenity they also serve as orientation points so you know where you are in the world.
No more vague descriptions about the places you've been to, a simple station name is all you need to remember.

Finding a metro station

Metro stations are available all around the roads of the Evergreen region.
They are labeled with a recognizable white 'M' logo and 'metro' written below it. You cant miss it!

If you cant find one close to you, you can type /tx 0 and you will be teleported to a metro station nearest to you for as little as 4 Credits.
However, if you live outside the Evergreen region you might spend more credits.

Teleporting from one station to another

In each and every station you can find station charts on the wall for each available Route.
For now there are only three active routes: Route-A, Route-B & Route-C
each route has stations listed with their associated commands. (example: /b3)
After picking a station that you would like to teleport to, you will have to stand on the on the platform (NOT THE TRACKS) then type in the Bristal command associated with the station you've picked.

Each metro teleport costs 2 Credits.