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Your first encounter with Bristal

The first day of your arrival at Serenity, you will start at the 'Welcome Gazebo' where you follow a small set of instructions to gain access to the world.
This is your first interaction with Bristal.

Your first interaction doubles as a mini tutorial on how to interact with Bristal in general. We will use this scenario right here to explain the basics of interacting with Bristal which applies to all situations as a guideline.

  1. Press 'T' (default) to open your chatbox
  2. 'T' or another key you might have set to open the chatbox,
    you will need to use the chatbox to access most of Bristal Services.

  3. type: /rules
  4. Type the command: /rules in the chatbox and hit 'enter' to submit the command.
    Please note: All commands start with a slash /

  5. Read and follow what Bristal returned to you in the chatbox
  6. When Bristal succesfully heard your command, it will respond back to you in the chatscreen.
    Now while you are still in the 'welcome gazebo' Bristal has responded with more instructions how to proceed including all the rules of the server.

  7. Next; Read the second page
  8. The game has a very small, non-resizable chatscreen, this is why Bristal will often split long lists into pages.
    Bristal will always show you what command you must use to proceed to the next page if there is any extra page available.
    you will always have to be accurate when typing commands. If you input a command with spelling mistakes, the command will be ignored.

  9. make a choice
  10. when Bristal presents you more than one command to pick from, you can pick a command that suits your need.
    In most cases, Bristal also offers numeric commands as alternative to words for the same function.
    They are much shorter, quicker & easier to remember.

  11. Incase you dont get a response from Bristal, first solution would be to try again.
    If that doesnt work, go ahead and check the following.

  12. -check if you have added a slash / infront of your command.
    -check if you have made a typo
    -check if Bristal is active by typing her name without a slash: Bristal or BRISTAL
    if there is no response then that means she went on a coffee break, try again in 5min or call an admin.
    if Bristal did respond then the command you were using might not exist.

At some places you can also interact with Bristal by using buttons you see in game. Simply hit the indicated button with a pick/axe to interact with the feature.

or Press the keyboard key (usually '8')

Thats pretty much how interaction with Bristal works.

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