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Some little advice

So many questions!

A lot of players ask us the same questions regarding credits.
This is the page where you'll find the answers to the most asked questions so far.

Keep in mind that this page is continuously being updated with fresh ideas. Ideas by Admins or other players.

Creativity is key to success!

Most asked questions is: How do I earn credits?
Best answer to that is, how would you like to earn money in real life?

Just like in real life it is up to YOU to figure out how to earn a living.
Luckily within the game credits are not essential for survival however if you wish to enjoy the full experience of what the Serenity server has to offer, you'll quickly come to learn that credits are at the heart of it all

All you really need is to be creative with ideas! That is pretty much the essence of how to earn credits within Serenity.

What does that mean ? It means you have to figure out what you're good at and enjoy doing within the game and sell that skill to others so you can earn credits for what you love doing.

The easy way. (solo)

You can sell a selection of ingots and crops at the Datacenter

There are fully automated machines available that accept certain items in exchange for credits.
the value of those items vary day by day with a slight influence by the demand & supply of Bristal services.

However, keep in mind The Datacenter is not the place to depend on as a source for high income. Bristal is just like you, She is a player with her own demands and supply The Datacenter only accepts what Bristal needs and the prices reflects to what degree she needs a certain resource.

Bristal is your customer at the Datacenter, if your customer doesnt want to buy what you are offering (in this case no machine available for the item you want to sell) then dont be discouraged, it just means this player (Bristal) doesnt have any need for it.
Find another customer or adjust your supply chain accordingly to match that of the customer.

You can find the datacenter directly across the street of Evergreen Market. (metro station Evergreen Market /B3)

The creative ways. (roleplay)

Imagine you just love to build small houses:
You could offer a service to build small houses specifically for players who arent good at building but need something to start with, of course in exchange for credits.
There you go thats already 1 idea and its as simple as that.

Imagine you just love to mine:
You could sell everything you mine to players who just like to focus on building, of course in exchange for credits. Again another idea out the window.

Imagine you are good at photoshop & graphics in general:
You could offer a service to create posters that other players requested. All in exchange for credits of course.
Again an easy way to earn credits!

Imagine you're an organizer: You could organize events like for example, build contest, property showcasing, or whatever in exchange for credits. Just a simple thought but already a great idea to get something started.

Imagine you're good at advertising: You could take the oppertunity to offer an ads campaign service on your property and in chat for others. Earn some good credits all from being the best advertiser you can be.

Imagine you like to take care of players transportation needs:
You could earn credits by charging players to TP to you after you've gone to their requested location.
basically you could be a cheaper alternative to Bristal Taxi, while also being a convenient 1 jump alternative to Bristal Metro.
run your own TAXI service... [example: Hunting grounds teleport costs 500 Cr, you could offer cheaper alternative for others]

Imagine you are good with planks and beams You could make a living out of selling custom made furniture or custom made structures depending on what you are willing to specialize in.

Long story short
Figuring out how to earn credits isn't rocket science, you can do almost anything you wish to do.
Just like in real life, all you need is to be sure you can convince people that they need what you are selling! Marketing 101

What about even simpler ways?

There are a ton of simple ways to earn credits
You dont have to come up with big ideas, although those weren't even big ideas to begin with.

ideas are not limited to what is written here
You can come up with your own as long as you are having fun doing it.

The other simple things

You could earn credits by helping new players find free available land.
All you'd do is look for open land for them and they pay you a small finders fee. Easy credits!

You could earn credits by flattening land for others.
Be sure you're determined to do the job right and there you go. quick credits!

You could earn credits by cutting grass for others.
just find players who need your service and you're set!

You can play the Maze game at Seekers Maze (Freaks Park) and win up to 4 times 500 credits at level 1
and at level 2 up to 4 times 1500 Credits.
When we update the maze we reset the counter so you can go again to win more.

You can also win credits if you are an active player although this is very random and rare.

The circle of credits.

To understand the concept behind credits on Serenity, you'll have to understand that they are an optional tool to help smooth trade deals with other players.
They are also the only accepable way when using Bristal Services.

The game itself is a work in progress and so is Bristal with its services and currency feature.
But we aim to build upon and improve every step of the way.

How to make the circle go round

The circle in essence
Each new player introduces new wealth into the world as they are the ones who start out with credits. At the same time they are also the ones who are most likely to spend their credits in exchange for items & resources.

Bristal economy is mainly set up to give a purpose to the abundance of items and resources that long-time players have collected during their time online.

New players have credits, Old players have resources
Old players sell their stuff to new players and the circle continues.