Advertisement Services

At: METRO Stations

Advertise your in-game business

On Serenity we take pride in our little eco-system of buying and selling resources between players.
Buying and selling between some of the best vendors at Evergreen Market can be a very lucrative business gameplay for some that enjoy a bit more beyond just building structures in game. But some help to stand out above all else might be neccesary.
We offer a great solution for you.

Pick one of the many metro stations in the world to have your custom advertisement put up for for as long as you're active on the server.
Get your name out there, a good business marketing strategy is all about building up that recognition & reputation!

Those who buy/sell or offer services to players can benefit greatly when advertising their business.

Advertise your creativity

Some of you have created incredible building skills that deserve some more attention and visitors to come and admire them.
putting up an ad on a frequently occupied metro station will catch the attention of passing-by travelers and possibly spark an interest in what you've created.

The rest depends on how good you are at describing where people should go to see your creation or how active you are so they can TP to you!
Maximize your incoming visitors by spreading your name on beautiful posters or just show-off your creativity with a screenshot of it all over the place!

How to get started

1. what you need

- You need to create your own poster-ad image on any graphics editing software off-game.
the size/dimensions for the image should be 512 x 360.
of course universal multiplayer rules apply ( no porn, politics or religious images - or anything that incites hate )
Also be sure you're not using copyright material.
For obvious reasons admins reserve the right to reject the request if the image isn't up to standards.
You also need credits to pay for the service. (Prices are below)

2. After you've created your poster-ad

-find a metro station and pick any spot with placeholder image "your adertisement could be here" and let an admin know you want your adverisement there.

The price

In each station the prices are the same and are all a one-time fee,
you're basically buying "placement rights" for that spot.

When you want to change the ad but keep the spot you'll only pay a small "replacement fee" of 500 Cr.
each time you want to replace the image.

example you're putting up ads in Metro station A
Your first ad cost 5000 Cr.
Your second ad cost 7500 Cr.
Your third ad cost 10000 Cr.
Your fourth ad cost 12500 Cr.
(basically increments of 2500 Cr. )
mind you this is if you're adding ads in the same metro station.

if you're spreading your ads in different stations it would look like the following example:

Metro station A
your first ad 5000 Cr.

Metro station B
another ad cost 5000 Cr.

Metro station C
another ad cost 5000 Cr.
a second ad cost 7500 Cr.

Metro station D
another ad cost 5000Cr.
a second ad cost 7500 Cr.
third ad cost 10000 Cr.

the images you use is up to you, could be all the same or all
different, thats all up to you.
If you have any questions, drop them: HERE Happy mining